Industrial refrigeration is the name of technological activity to create, install and maintain refrigerating machines .
The industrial cold , is created by refrigerating machines that perform cooling systems of different configurations and capabilities as required by the industrial process.

The systems differ in:

Refrigeration systems for refrigerated chambers and refrigerators installed in warehouses to store or freeze food.

Transport by sea. soil or air that needs a low temperature storage.

Central cold, and vending machines that keep the temperature of the camera between 1 and 4 for maintenance of fresh produce, and -18 and -30 ° C for frozen products.

Water-cooled systems in hotels, buildings and hospitals.

Frio Industrial machinery and Installation

Cooling Equipment:

A refrigeration equipment , or « refrigerating machine » is a thermal machine created to collect the heat energy from one area and evacuate to another.

Refrigeration equipment may be classified as a function of temperature, power, air flow, installation, among others.

Minimum elements are:

Compressor : used to pump cooling fluid, creating a zone of high pressure that causes movement of the refrigerant in the unit.
Condenser : is usually a copper coil with aluminum sheets dissipate heat. It serves to release heat from the refrigerant.
Evaporator : it is also a coil, but something different. In the air conditioning equipment it is very similar to the condenser, but in domestic refrigeration equipment usually hidden in the freezer walls meet. Used to collect refrigerant heat the area to be cooled.
Device Expansion : You can be an expansion valve or a capillary tube. It serves to let the coolant reaches of the circuit from the high pressure to low pressure, expanding.

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